Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nothing Like Being an Aunt

A couple of months ago my family went to Panama City beach for what we thought would be a normal vacation. But it was not! :) The last day we were at the beach Nicole and Stuart delivered some exciting news...

They are pregnant! She is due January 13th.

I was so surprised! We were on the trip for 4 days and talked about babies the WHOLE time! And she never mentioned anything to make us think she might be pregnant. I could not believe it.

When the shock wore off it was an amazing feeling. To know that I will be having a niece or nephew made me realize that my sister and I are coming into a chapter of our lives that is so precious. It is the most exciting moment!

I love my sister and brother-in-law and I am so happy for the two of them. They deserve this so much. God has blessed them with the most amazing gift we could receive.

Well so then the next big step was finding out the sex of the baby. And just so everyone knows from day one I just KNEW it would be a boy. I have no idea why but that was just in the pit of me. So Nicole planned a dinner for the whole family to come to. She was going to bake a cake and the inside would be either pink or blue. :)

25 people showed up at O'Charley's to find out what Nicole and Stuart would be having.

Mom cut the cake and what color was it?


I will be having a nephew! I am so excited! And I cant not wait to see what he will look like. Now we just need a name!!!

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