Sunday, January 3, 2010

2 Days

Ok so I have been on Christmas break from working at the school and I go back Wednesday. I absolutely love working but I can not tell you how amazing the last two weeks off has been. To just be able to wake up at 7:30 and not have to go anywhere has been refreshing. The house has looked great because I have had time to spend on cleaning it everyday. I have gotten so many things done that I have needed to do in 4 months. And then I get Chloe and I have gotten to spend everyday with her and I just don't want to stop all this. HAHA I feel like I just had a baby and I am having to go back to work after maternity leave.

But it will be good to get back into the swing of these. Or more like reality. SO I have 2 days to get in everything else I wanted to do on my list. And here they are...
  1. Dust/vaccuum through the whole house again.
  2. Clean Pixie's room since she is not living with us anymore. :(
  3. Maybe make that room into Chloe's new room.
  4. Hang all our pictures and stuff on the walls. It has been 4 months and the walls are still empty...
  5. and finally... Evaluate my life.

I want to sit down and evaluate everything in my life. But most importantly how my walk with God is progressing.

Pastor Chris Sunday talked about 5 things to do everyday that will make your life more successful. Doing 5 small things everyday. So I need to spend some time thinking about those 5 things and apply them to my everyday schedule. I am very excited about this.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Hubby

I love him so much.

I prayed so my nights for him. I mean I used to spend hours and hours thinking about the man I would spend the rest of my life with. I committed to God that I would wait to date until I thought it was the one God had for me to marry. And never did I ever dream that the blessings he promised would come so soon or so great. God's word is so promising and faithful. It never returns void. Luke 1:45 says," Blessed is she who believed that what the Lord had said to her would be accomplished."

I remember meeting Jonathon, we were at The Basement about 4 years ago when it was at Life Church in Trussville. And the service had ended. Most of all the people had left except for the ones of us who helped take everything down and clean up. I was setting the church's chairs back up and I noticed a boy doing the same. He was so cute! :) But the thing that I remember the most about him at that moment was the heart I saw in him. A servant heart. Most guys want to be the outgoing, loud, popular one, that everyone sees. But the thing that most attracted me to Jonathon was he was always the one behind scenes serving and cleaning. Doing the stuff no one wanted to do. That is who I married 4 months ago.

You know I have heard so many times that, "The first year of marriage is the hardest." Well I am wondering when the "first year" will start for us. I mean by no means would I say our marriage is perfect but like Matt Pitt likes to say at The Basement," We are not prefect, just FORGIVEN." I think that has been our motto for our marriage as well. I am not going to go through all the things we have learned in the first few months of marriage. But I will say that the biggest thing we have come to realize is that neither one of us is perfect. As individuals we can not solely complete each other. I believe the reason our marriage has been so great is because we have kept our First Love our number one relationship. And that First Love is Christ. I can not give Jonathin 100% of what he needs or deserves. He can not give me what I 100% need. But if we know that and remember that, everything will work out. We can not depend on each other for total satisfaction because we don't have the ability to do that for each other. But God can. And he has.

I am so blessed to have Jonathon. He is so good to me. I just pray I am that to him.

My Christmas Present

Chloe was my wonderful Christmas gift from Jonathon. We got a rascal that is for sure. It is like we have a new infant baby. She wakes us up in the middle of the night, she eats every 30 minutes, then takes a nap every 2 hours. But we love everything about her.